BIT today

BIT works with governments and organisations around the world in almost every area of policy.  We have around 180 employees, who have either a strong academic grounding in economics, psychology and research methods or a background in government policymaking. Our headquarters are in London, and we also have offices in Manchester, New York, Wellington, Singapore and Sydney.

Whilst the subject and output of our projects vary considerably, there are common threads: we try to understand the contexts in which people make decisions; we notice small details; we find out what has and hasn’t worked before; we come up with innovative ideas for solving policy problems and we measure everything we do as robustly as we can.

Our objectives remain the same as they have always been:

- making public services more cost-effective and easier for citizens to use;

- improving outcomes by introducing a more realistic model of human behaviour to policy; and

- wherever possible, enabling people to make ‘better choices for themselves’.

Our consulting business comprises around 90% of turnover. Additional income streams are generated by our Ventures business, in which we develop scalable products and services from ideas that have been generated within the Behavioural Insights Team. Our principal criterion is that they must have meaningful social impact, and several are digital ventures. One example of these is a unique job application platform – – which removes unconscious bias from recruitment processes.